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Create Your First | POD Product



What is a POD Product?

A POD Product (aka Print on Demand Product) is a Product that features a fixed piece of artwork ONLY. There is no functionality to personalise the product, it simply comes 'as is'. 


What do I need?

> A Customisable Product

> A piece of artwork (file used in this article is attached at the bottom of the page)


Critical: You need a Customisable product to apply your artwork to. You may have created your own on CPP, or you may have Read access to a Suppliers products on the platform to apply design content to. 

Important Note: The artwork files that you upload will be applied to the selected products Print Area. You can use the same image for multiple products, but if there is a difference between the Aspect Ratio of the uploaded artwork vs the products print area (eg landscape vs portrait), you may get undesirable results eg cropping. CPP also allows you to filter products by Aspect Ratio to apply Portrait, Landscape or Square designs easily!

Top Tip: You can get exact mm Print Area sizes from the products on CPP via the Print Area setup - we advise this approach if you want your designs to fit the products perfectly. 


How do I create one?

A) We have 2 dedicated features that automate the process for creating POD Products. The first method is via a CSV import, and the process is documented here:



B) The second method is called the 'New Print on Demand' routine. This routine allows you to select one or multiple Customisable Products to apply a single (or multiple) artwork/design files to. The files can be uploaded from you local machine, or you can use any gallery content that you may have set up on CPP (more information on this is available at the end of the article). 

Using this method, lets take a look at the 3 key steps involved in creating your first functional POD Product on CPP.


1. Select the Customisable Product/s and run Print on Demand Routine

2. Upload your Artwork file/s

3. Print Test


1. Select the Customisable Product and run Print on Demand Routine

Access the CPP using your login credentials here -

Important Note: In this article we will be creating an example POD Phone case. The Assets can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

  • Using the Search menu and Product Manager interface (1), find the Customisable Product/s that you want to add artwork to.
  • Select the Product/s by using the '+' icon (2).
  • From the 'With Selected' dropdown menu, click 'New Print On Demand' (3)


This will open the 'Select Target Category' menu.

  • Find the Category you wish for the POD Product to be created within
  • Select that Category using the '✔' button


2. Apply Your Design

Once a category has been selected, the 'Create New Print On Demand' routine will load.

  • Use the Upload menu to Choose your artwork file/s (1). The selected artwork will always be scaled up to fill the full Print Area of the selected Customisable Product by default. This can be changed after the routine has run, to stop any undesirable cropping (via Print Areas > Artwork Advanced > Fit Mode > Contain.
  • Your Artwork will then upload, there is a progress bar so you can see when it has uploaded (2).
  • Click 'Create POD Products' to apply this design and create the POD Product (3).

The system will then begin to create the POD Product - you will see a loading bar. This should only take a few seconds.

Important Note: If you have added several artwork files to create multiple POD Products, this will take more time. Please wait whilst the routine works it's magic.


Once created, you will be presented with a POD Summary of the created product/s (1). This displays the product thumbnail featuring the uploaded artwork, POD Reference, PRODUCT ID, Name and SKU. The summary also gives you the opportunity to download a CSV for all created POD products (2).

The CSV contains all relevant Product Data for adding the product to your website. This includes thumbnail URL's and all eCommerce data (pulled from the base Customisable Product). 


3. Print Test

It is advised that you Print Test the POD product to ensure that you are happy with how the artwork will print once when the Product is ordered. The Print Test facility allows you to generate example output files. To do this, find the Product on CPP.

  • Simply search for the Product ID (1)
  • Click to Edit the product (2)

  • Open the Print Test menu (1)
  • Ensure the new Output Type is set to 'Raster Alternative' (2)
  • Click to start the test (3). The product will load with the Artwork applied as a fixed design. 
  • Click Add to Cart (4) to generate example print files to review.

Important Note: Ignore the Text and Image functionality, this is taken from the Base Customisable Product but this will not be available on the website for the POD Product.

Congratulations - you have just created your 1st POD Product (of many) on CPP!!!


What's next?

We have just gone through the key steps in creating a POD Product via uploaded image. You can continue to create POD Products and work with your Project Manager at Custom Gateway to add the products to your website / platform of choice.

The POD routine offers flexible solutions for creating multiple POD Products at a time. This can be achieved by selecting / uploading multiple artwork files, and applying to multiple base Customisable Products in a single routine - so the potential for volume is VAST

Going forwards, you can also create your own Image Gallery on CPP to store image files, and use these to create POD Products quickly and conveniently. For information on creating your own Image Galleries on CPP, please refer to this dedicated article:

Personalise-iT Image Galleries



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