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Create Your First | Personalised Product



What is a Personalised Product?

A Personalised Product (aka Predesigned Product) is a Product that features a fixed design element / piece of artwork that has text personalisation and/or image upload functionality. The end user (customer) uses these interactive tools within the App to 'personalise' the product and then purchase it.


What do I need?

> A Customisable (Base) Product

> A piece of artwork (file used in this article is attached at the bottom of the page)

Important Note: You need a Customisable product to apply your artwork to. You may have created your own on CPP, or you may have Read access to a Suppliers products on the platform. 


How do I create one?

There are multiple ways to create a Personalised Product. This article will cover the most visual and user friendly approach, which utilises our 'New Predesigned' routine. This routine loads the selected Customisable Product in the App, and allows you to utilise the functionality set on that product to create a 'Personalised' version interactively.

Critical: The 'New Predesigned' routine is a legacy tool that works in conjunction with our legacy preview option '2D Views [Legacy]'. As such, this interactive routine does not currently work in tandem with our newest preview option; Aspects. For the immediate short term, any Base products configured with Aspects need to have designs applied using the manual predesign process. This is outlined here: How to Manually Add Artwork To Your Products


Lets take a look at the 3 key steps involved in creating your first functional Personalised Product on CPP.


1. Select the Customisable Product and run Predesign Routine

2. Apply Your Design

3. Print Test

*4. Refine the setup (if necessary)


1. Select the Customisable Product and run Predesign Routine

Access the CPP using your login credentials here -

Important Note: In this article we will be creating an example Personalised Phone case. The Assets can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

  • Using the Search menu and Product Manager interface (1), find the Customisable Product that you want to add artwork to.
  • Select the Product by using the '+' icon (2).
  • From the 'With Selected' dropdown menu, click 'New Predesigned' (3)


This will open the 'Select Target Category' menu.

  • Find the Category you wish for the Personalised Product to be created within (1)
  • Select that Category (2)


2. Apply Your Design

Once a category has been selected, the routine will load the Customisable product and the configured functionality.

  • Use the Add Image menu to upload your artwork (1).
  • Add your placeholder text and position to compliment your design (2).
  • Click 'Save' to apply this design and create the Personalised Product (3).

Once created, the ID of the Personalised Product will be presented to you. This can be clicked on to directly access the Basic Details of the product on CPP.


**IMPORTANT: At this point you should update the name and SKU for the new Personalised Product.**


3. Print Test

The Print Test facility allows you to test the product functionality, and generate example print artwork files.

  • Open the Print Test menu (1)
  • Click to start the test (2). The product will load with the Artwork applied as a fixed design (there is no Add Image menu), and text personalisation available.
  • You can interact with the product - any input text will replace the placeholder text (3).
  • Click Add to Cart (4) to generate example print files to review.

Congratulations - you have just created and configured your 1st Personalised Product (of many) on CPP!!!


Here is a direct link to the example product that we created in this article:


What's next?

We have just gone through the key steps in creating a basic Personalised Product with all default functionality as was set on the Customisable Product. You can continue to create Personalised Products and work with your Project Manager at Custom Gateway to add the products to your website / platform of choice.

Alternatively, you may wish to enhance your Personalised product further by proceeding to step 4.


*4. Refine the setup

Once a Personalised Product has been created, you can go into the product configuration and manually make changes as and when you wish. This will require more advanced knowledge of CPP and may be applicable if you want to:

  • Refine the text position / size / colour.
  • Change the Font
  • Add advanced features
  • Introduce new Personalisation Options that were not set on the base Customisable Product

The CPP is capable of much more advanced functionality. If you would like to further enhance your Personalised Products, or want further insight into the technical processes involved in Product Creation, please refer to our 2d Product Creation Training Resources

This features full access to our Getting Started Guide, User Guide, Demonstration Videos, as well as additional Tips and information on New Features as they are added to the platform.


An alternative method of creating Personalised Products is to manually upload artwork files to the Product on CPP. This process is documented here:

How to Add Artwork to your Products



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