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Auto Download Files to Hot Folder


Many printing & decorating machine such as Kornit, Epson or Roland use a hot folder to load print jobs. Gateway OMS enables you to easily load print ready artwork into your hot folder by either

  1. Scanning a Bar Code in Display / List Scan Point
  2. Automatically adding all print jobs to a hot folder 

This article shows you how to set up Google Chrome for sending files directly to your chosen hot folder to sync with your printer

Google Chrome is our preferred choice when using Gateway OMS

When you scan a barcode in Scan Points - Display / List the file is automatically downloaded into your hot folder

  1. Go into Settings in Google Chrome (normally access from top right of menu bar) - scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "show advanced settings"
  2. See 4th option down called "Downloads"
  3. Browse to choose the hot folder location for your machine and make sure the "Ask where to save each file before downloading" box is unticked
  4. Now when you scan files will go straight into your hot folder


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