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Kornit Hot Folder Overview


Kornit Printers support automatic file loading from a predefined Hot Folder as standard. Gateway OMS adds a job/file to the Hot Folder (once the job is scanned) it then triggers the Kornit Quick P software to "pull" the file, the file is then erased from the hot folder and loaded into the printer job queue

Files that have been sent to the input hot folder are loaded automatically and will be ripped according to the parameters in the file name.(this is all set up in Gateway CPP). Kornit QuickP software samples the folder every few seconds. Upon identification of a new file, the file is automatically loaded, The files are loaded in FIFO order (First In First Out). If Kornit Quick P Software fails to load a specific file due to a problem with the file name, for example if the setup name is not correct, the file is moved to an error folder (C:\Program Files\Kornit Digital\QuickP\Error).

The following folders are located inside the Common folder.

  • Hot Folder Working – Once the file has been pulled from the hot folder it is saved in this folder until the printing process is completed or until the file is erased from job queue.
  • Photoshop Working – The file is automatically saved in this folder when Photoshop is working on the file. The file is deleted from the folder after it is printed or deleted from queue.
  • Hot Folder Error – Files that cannot be loaded to the job queue are sent to this folder.

NOTE: You can reset the hot folder path from the Parameters Handling window. See Handling Parameters in your Kornit User Manual

You can either set the windows download folder as your default folder - or we can set up GoodSync to transfer the files into your default Kornit Hot Folder 

The Standard Factory Setup Options for most Kornit Machines are set up against product templates in Gateway CPP:

  •  LightTNormal545
  •  LightTMidContrast545
  •  LightTHighContrast545  LightTManual545
  •  LightTSkinTone545  BlackManual545x454
  •  BlackTHigh545x454
  •  BlackTHighInterlace545x454
  •  BlackTHighStroke545x454
  •  BlackTMid545x454
  •  BlackTMidFullFrame545x454
  •  BlackTMidFullFrameInterlace545x454
  •  DarkT545x454
  •  DarkTInterlace545x454

Once a job / file has been added to the Kornit Job Queue you can then action by either click the print button on the printer or computer screen - you have the following information within the Job Queue and Kornit SOftware

  • File Name.
  • The number of copies being printed.
  • The selected media to be used.

Full details of the hot folder are available in the Kornit Printer User Guide

To review the full process please take a look at

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