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Our Duplication Process



Here is a quick and easy guide showing you how to duplicate products the correct way using our systems. The guide will include images showing exactly what to do. This has also been documented in the attached video which you can download.

1. The first thing you need to do is select a category. Duplication only works when you select your product from a valid category. 


2. Next, you need to select the product or products you wish to duplicate using the plus button to select you will see a drop-down highlighted in the image called with selected which you need to press. You will see a range of different options which you will need to select "Duplicate".


3. Once you press duplicate you get the option to select the target category. I have an example below where I have searched the category name and pressed the tick. 


4. Once you press the category you will get an "Action Completed" message at the top of CPP. You have now successfully duplicated a product. 



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