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Setting Up a Cloud Kiosk on a Touchscreen PC


Detailed below is the recommended process for setting up a cloud based kiosk on a touchscreen PC or Internet supported Kiosk PC

  1. Connect PC to the Internet
  2. Install Chrome Browser
  3. Remove all unnessary programmes and disable auto updates 
  4. Install Teamviewer for Remote Management 
  5. Install SiteKiosk Lockdown Software 
  6. Set up Site Kiosk Start Up Page - only needs access to Smartlinks
  7. Add PERSONALISE-iT POS Smartlinks as favourites on Google Chrome
  8. Add Smartlinks to Site Kiosk Start Up Pages
  9. Test Smartlinks to make sure they create or email receipts 
  10. Switch kiosk on/off to test everything working
  11. Test Remote Access to Kiosk Working 
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