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Magento: Print Size Individual Pricing


How To Price Print Sizes Individually

In order to have differently priced print sizes you need to set up the products that use print sizes in a specific way.

First off the CPP product needs to have external Refs on each of its print sizes like so:

Then you need to set up in Magento the main product that will display on the frontend exactly the same you would normally but instead of it being a simple product it needs to be a grouped product, which you can select when you begin the product creation process in magento, This product will be the product customers choose on the front of the site so it will need all the descriptions and images like normal.

Next you will need to set up a Simple product for each print size choice that is available on the product, This simple product can be called whatever you want and priced however you want, bearing in mind the price and name are what will dispaly in the cart when the customer chooses the specific print size, but it has to have a SKU in magento that matches the External ref of the print size on the CPP product.

Once these simple products are set up you need to go back to the grouped product and assign each of your newly created simple products as an associated product on the grouped product like so:

Now if you have followed these steps correctly when you go to the product on the frontend of magento and personalise the product and select a print size it will add to the cart the Simple product that has the sku that matches the chosen print sizes external ref so now you can price each simple product differently and each print size will add that cost to the cart.

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