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Understanding SKUs, Product Codes & Reference Numbers


To help keep them flexible and support the needs of the mass customisation industry our system use a number of different code numbers for different purposes - detailed below is an overview

Code Main Applications Dependancies / Used for
Supplier SKU  As the name suggests this should be the code a supplier uses to sell the base product - so likely to be the same for lots of different products. Important every product has a supplier SKU

Stock Management
Batch Templates

Retailer SKU This should be unique and what is used on the website as most websites do need a unique code for a product. We generate these automatically for POD & Personalised Products but this can be anything eCommerce Websites
Colour SKU This is a separate SKU for a colour that can be added to a base Supplier SKU when you have a range of products with different colour  Take a look at Dynamic SKU Creation for more details For products like garments to dynamically generate a stock SKU
Attribute SKU Same concept as colours but for attributes like size or packaging type when a separate SKU is needed for each option For products like garments to dynamically generate a stock SKU
ID This is the unique identifier in our database and is not normally other than to create smartlinks for products and to retrieve artwork - this is all automated Creating smartlinks
Artwork Templates
POD Reference Created when you use the Print On Demand routine it represents a unique combination of supplier SKU & gallery / design ID POD Artwork Reference
Manufacturers Code  Used only for display on eCommerce Websites when a product has a Manufacturers reference number that may help identify it eCommerce Websites
Barcode / ISBN A registered barcode also know as GTIN, EAN or UPC code. Needed when you sell on marketplaces such as Amazon or want to create barcode receipts Marketplaces
POS Receipts
Gallery Ref A unique reference given to a gallery of images or designers portfolio that can be added to products


Image Name / Ref A name or reference for images in the gallery. This is optional but useful for areas like commission reporting Gallery
GUID  This is the unique reference associated with a specific retailer, suppliers or supplier department Order Routing





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