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Exporting and Manipulating Retailer Product Feeds


For resellers of licenced content, you can export a retailer feed using CPP. You can have the ability to not only export an entire category but also export specific products, themes and characters. 

To do so please follow these steps

  1. First off you need to log into CPP.
  2. Then you need to select the right category to export, in this instance, we will be exporting the Cartoon Network feed. 
  3. You then need to select the "Export Retailer Product Feed CSV" from the drop down shown in this example.




4. You will know have that complete category in a CSV, like the example attached which you can have a         look at. 

There are also some additional features when exporting which can make life a lot easier. These are mainly downloading for specific items or characters in the licensed content categories.

  • Exporting Specific Products: If you wanted to export the iPhone cases, for example, you can search "iPhone" in the "name/SKU" search box and download only the iPhone cases into a feed. This example is shown below you would follow the steps above the same but only receive those cases into a CSV. 


  • Exporting Specific Characters: Alternatively, as a reseller, you could also export specific characters. For example, if you searched one of the cartoon network themes "Stephen Universe" and export you will only get products from CPP that match this theme. Unfortunately, we can only export one term individually so if you needed 2 themes it would be easier exporting the products and sorting this yourself. 



In the attachment, you will see an example of the data you will receive include basic information like the ID, SKU, Supplier, Name, Description, Prices, and images.

Additionally, you will receive the text area and image areas which each specific products can use.

As resellers, these can be done for the following licensed content categories as long as you have paid and have access to them. 

  • Aardman
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Marvel
  • Pixar
  • Personalised Football
  • Personalised Sport
  • Sega
  • Star Wars 
  • Super Strickers


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