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Embroidery | FAQ's



What is the biggest size file that can be delivered?

The maximum size embroidery file that can be delivered is 22500 square mm, which is equivalent to a personalisation area of 150x150mm. The width or height can be larger as long as the corresponding value does not equate to an area larger that 22500 square mm in total. For example, these 3 print sizes cover the same area:

W150 x H150mm = 22500 square mm

W75 x H300mm = 22500 square mm

W300 x H75mm = 22500 square mm


What file formats are available? 

Embroidery files can be delivered in either EMB or DST format. You can specify your preference to your Project Manager at Custom Gateway, who will then set accordingly based on what files you want to receive.


What is the difference between EMB and DST?

An EMB file is Wilcom's native 'all-in-one' stitch format. It is becoming increasingly popular format due to its unrivalled stitch processor, true object based design and stitch quality. Everything is saved in the one file – stitches, colours / colour sequence information, production instructions, design outlines. 

A DST file is a Tajima Machine Embroidery format (ie. files with a DST extension are able to be read by a commercial embroidery machines). The information in the DST file allows the industrial embroidery head to know where to stitch and what colour thread to use.


How can I view Embroidery files?

Wilcom offer a free version of their software called TrueSizer, that can be used to open / amend EMB or DST files, and convert into various other popular formats. TrueSizer software is available here:


How do I specify a default Thread Chart to be matched to?

The default thread chart used is Madeira Classic 40.tch - the system will always match artwork colours to this thread chart if another is not specified for use. The standard thread chart list contains over 70 options. These can be seen in the following document:

Standard Thread Chart List

You can also supply a custom Thread Chart to be matched to.

The thread chart has to be set by Gateway Staff against your company on CPP - please contact and let us know what thread chart you want to match to.

This is all documented here in a dedicated article Matching Default Thread Colours.


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