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Text Areas | Input Pattern



By default, each Text Area that you create will accept any character to be input within the App. Using the new Input Pattern option on CPP, it is now possible to control/enforce Text input restrictions for each Text Area on a Product. 

The input language used is javascript regex.

Important Note: This functionality is available for ACP3.

Input Patterns offer preset options, available within a drop-down menu for each Text Area. Here you can see where the option is located:

Once the option has been selected, the Input Pattern code will automatically populate the neighbouring field. Click save to set the option.


Whole Number Only

As the name implies, when selected the Whole Number Only option restricts the character input to whole numerical values. Any standard characters that are input by the user will be ignored and not previewed on the product.

**Creator's Top Tip! - It is advised that as part of the Text Area name, you append (Numbers Only) or similar, to inform the User of what input can be accepted.

This functionality can be seen here on this demo product:




Going forward, we will be adding more Input Patterns to offer you even greater control over how your products can be configured!

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