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Re-sending orders from magento to OMS


If you have created your own magneto site and have a order stuck in magento, please follow the steps below to resend the order.

Orders must have status “Processing”..(there can be many reasons why order wasn't pushed
to OMS)
If the status is not set to “Processing” order cannot be send to OMS
(if you do not need change Order status go to point 2 )

Point 1
To change Order Status.
1. In DB you need to find your order in two tables
“sales_flat_order” and “sales_flat_order_grid”
2. in “sales_flat_order” change “state” and “status” to “processing”
3. in “sales_flat_order_grid” change status to “processing”
4. wait for cron to push order to OMS

Point 2
If Order Status is “Processing”
1. if order was sent before and you need to re-send it again … go to DB find your order in
table “sales_flat_order” .. search for column “sent” and change value from 1 to 0
2. wait for cron to push order to OMS

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