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Shop direct Integration from Kewill system to OMS


Detailed below is an overview of the process for setting up integration for Shop Direct between the Kewill system and Gateway OMS

Before you start, make sure you have access to a Kewill account for your products in shop direct. 

Access the home page for menu trade like the image below.


  • Once accessing the Kewill system make yourselves aware of the tabs at the top, as shown below.

  • To check orders, go to new transactions tab and acknowledge all orders.
  • Go to current orders and you will see all orders that need to be created.
  • Either, go through each order and manually generate them in CPP to OMS, or an easier option would be to go to the reports/integration tab and go to ‘New Transaction details’ and download the file.
  • Match the file up with OMS order upload files and upload the file to OMS.
  • Once the above process has been completed you need to download the shipping labels. To do this you need to go into the print labels tab and either individually select 'print selected labels' or for all 'print filtered labels.'
  • To print you need to ensure you have the right software installed and are connected to the correct printer to process the PDFs.
  • Once all orders are in our system you need to go download the order numbers and date of orders and generate the ASNs for all orders once they have been shipped from the carrier.
  • Go to reports/integration tab and click on ASN data and upload the file.
  • Then go into the ASNs tab and select all and send ASN (acknowledging shop direct) and then press despatch
  • To see your entire order history within the Kewill system, to to the deliveries/collections tab and select the supplier as yourself and you will see them all in one place.
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