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Embroidery | Information on Costs




Any costing is based upon the Embroidery functionality set on your products, and the number of deliverable stitch files when an order is placed. This should be considered when configuring your products. This article will detail these costs and how they are calculated. 


What does it cost to use the Embroidery functions?

The 3 chargeable Embroidery functions are AutoDigitization, Embroidered Text and EMB/DST Upload. Each of these functions display an on-screen embroidery preview, and deliver EMB/DST stitch files.


AUTODIGITIZATION - Incurs a standard fee of £1.99+VAT per digitised image delivered as an EMB/DST file. If you have 3 Print Areas, each with an Image Area that contains an AutoDigitized image, then the charge would be £1.99+VAT x 3. Only 1 image upload per Print Area is possible.

EMBROIDERED TEXT - Incurs a standard fee of £0.50+VAT per Text Area specified. Can use multiple Text Areas per Print Area to deliver a merged EMB/DST file. The cost of each Text Area is added together.

EMB/DST UPLOAD - Incurs a standard fee of £0.50+VAT per file uploaded and delivered as an EMB/DST. Only 1 EMB/DST upload per Print Area is possible.

The key thing to remember is that the system will deliver a single stitch file, per specified Embroidery Print Area on the product. Each Print Area/s may contain a combination of embroidery functions, therefore these standard fees will be added together if any stitch files are delivered using a combination of processes.

Important Note: It is not possible to offer multiple AutoDigitization elements, nor both Autodigitization and EMB/DST Upload options within the same Print Area - multiple image elements cannot be processed during the EMB/DST file generation. Offering them via separate print areas on the same product is fine and will deliver separate files accordingly.

The following table highlights the Embroidery functions and the possible combinations, along with the associated fees incurred. Each of these options will generate a merged EMB/DST file per Print Area:

Single Print Area Functionality Fee Incurred
Single Image Upload + 1 or more Text Input/s AUTODIGITIZATION + EMBROIDERED TEXT (x number of Text Areas)
Single EMB/DST Upload + 1 or more Text Input/s EMB/DST UPLOAD + EMBROIDERED TEXT (x number of Text Areas)
1 or more Text Input/s EMBROIDERED TEXT (x number of Text Areas)


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